Emergency Backup Generators

Emergency Backup Generators

Emergency Backup Generators

Coupled with our many fire prevention products and services, Nutech is also a full-service emergency backup generator contractor, providing turnkey emergency generator service and installation throughout Hamilton and Ontario.

We’re all dependent on the power in our homes to stay connected, to stay warm or cool, to keep food from spoiling and to keep a sump pump running, among many other things. Emergency Standby Generators are one of the most useful appliances for a homeowner. Offering higher levels of power than portable generators, Standby generators also have the added convenience of automatic power. No more getting out of bed in the middle of the night hoping that you have enough gas for the portable generator. Standby power generators are also a permanent appliance which adds value to your home.

At Nutech we offer standby emergency power generators in a wide range of wattage. Unlike our competitors, we never sub-contract any projects. Our licensed and experienced generator installation technicians have worked on many projects ranging from residential upgrades and remodels to larger commercial and industrial applications. All work is always installed to code, complete with proper permits. We also offer a variety of electrical services.
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Why Generac Generators?

Power generation is Generac’s bread and butter, delivering cutting-edge technology to ensure your buildings remain fully operational in the event of a power outage. Coupled with 60 years of market-leading innovation, Generac also delivers the following features:

  • Sound attenuated enclosures.
  • Sealed electrical connections.
  • Industrial alternators.
  • UL-142 Fuel Tanks.

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