Fire Safety Plan

Fire Safety Plan

Fire Safety Planning

Buildings that are required to have a fire alarm system are also required to have a fire safety plan which includes instructions for emergency procedures, a summary of fire protection systems and maintenance schedules for fire protection equipment. Nutech Fire Prevention prepares fire safety plans and obtains approval from your Local Fire Department.

Workplace Safety Procedures

At Nutech we provide complete fire plans to business owners throughout Ontario for the following uses:

  • Low-rise buildings.
  • High-rise buildings.
  • Residential Retirement Homes
  • Industrial complexes.
  • Commercial Properties
  • Health and institutional facilities.
  • Office and  residential properties

We are committed to giving excellent service to our clients, knowing that lives are at stake when it comes to life safety. We make sure that every fire plan is created in accordance with the National Fire Code. According to Section 2.8:

“The implementation of a Fire Safety Plan helps to assure effective utilization of life safety features in your building to protect the people.”

Fire Safety Planning Services

We are proud to offer the following fire safety planning services:

  • One-stop shop capability for our customers.
  • Consistent coordination with local jurisdictions until approval is secured.
  • Development of custom fire safety plans and evacuation drawings.

Fire Safety Planning Feature

  • Based on building location, the fire plan can be in any format as required by that particular Municipal fire department.
  • We import AutoCAD drawings of the building so that the fire plan format ensures consistency.
  • Fire plans be submitted electronically to participating fire departments.
  • We always keep an up-to-date fire plan as key data that can be updated at any time.
  • Everyone who is trained on the Fire Safety Plan will be ready for a Fire Emergency. These guidelines are intended to assist the owner with the basic essentials for safety of all occupants, to ensure an orderly evacuation at the time of an emergency.

What’s Included In A Fire Safety Plan?

  • Emergency procedures.
  • Plan diagram labeling fire safety equipment.
  • Directory of all supervisory and managerial employees, and their core responsibilities.
  • Contact number for fire department.
  • Standard operating procedure for fire drills.
  • Guide on building maintenance & means of egress.
  • Alternative safety measures.


The pricing of our fire safety plans depends on the building floor area. For multi-tenant buildings, pricing is based on the total number of units. We provide discounts for multiple buildings; Corporate branding is also available upon request.

To receive a free quotation, contact us today.

In-House Fire Safety Training

Nutech Fire Prevention provides Fire Safety Training for new superintendents, individuals or groups in house or at our Head Office location for your staff to ensure awareness of fire safety procedures. It is coupled with training videos and face-to-face instructions. The National Fire Code also states that:

training must be provided to supervisory staff and building occupants for them to become fully aware of what to do in case of an emergency.

Owner Responsibilities

After the Fire Safety Plan is prepared and approved, the owner and its employees have the responsibility of implementing the following guidelines and procedures.

  • Store the Fire Safety Plan in a Safe Location. It should be in a location that is accessible to the fire department and a copy should also be kept in the management office. Some municipalities require for it to be stored in fire safety boxes near the main entrance.
  • Identify Fire Warden Teams and Team Members. Every role should be filled and the list should be updated regularly.
  • Identify Persons Requiring Assistance.
  • Document trainings and fire drills conducted, as well as testing and replacement of fire safety equipment.

The safety of your building occupants are of urgent importance. Contact us today to schedule a fire safety consultation and our trained staff would be happy to assist you.