Fire Sprinkler Systems

Fire Sprinkler Systems

Fire Sprinkler System Installation & Services

We offer a wide range of Fire Sprinkler System installation, maintenance, and repair services. Our goal is to provide you with the technical inspections needed to keep your property, equipment, products, and customers safe. Sprinkler systems are designed to prevent and/or minimize damage in the event of a fire and there are many Sprinkler and Fire Suppression Systems to choose from.

Types of Fire Sprinkler Systems

Wet Automatic Sprinkler Systems
Dry Automatic Sprinkler Systems
Antifreeze Loops Sprinkler Systems
Fire Hose and Standpipe System
Pre-action Deluge System
Private Fire Hydrant Systems
Automatic Fire Pump

Fire Sprinkler System Installation Service

We accommodate to our customers business needs and visibly identify what system best fits within their realm of work. Each system requires a number of certifications and permits in order to be legally installed; we include all engineer drawings and floor plans when required. Our certified licensed sprinkler technicians work around the clock to get your business up and running to code. If you have any questions about our sprinkler and fire suppression system installation services, contact us today.

Sprinkler and Fire Suppression System Inspection Service

The Ontario Fire Code, The National Fire Code and Ontario Building Code set out specific intervals for the inspection and testing of Fire and Life Safety Equipment. These codes outline the responsibilities of various parties including owners, managers, inspectors and the Authority Having Jurisdiction. We provide you with monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, and annual sprinkler and fire suppression inspections. To help you remain up-to-date with the Fire Codes as well as to be able to conduct daily and weekly inspections, we provide our customers with comprehensive training at either our training facility or yours.  

Our inspection services are available at any time. This includes the assessment of pipe fittings, sprinkler heads, and more. We provide 24 hour services in the event of an emergency or something is wrong with your system. Over time, the parts within a sprinkler system begin to age and deteriorate and this can be harmful to the operation of the system. Regular maintenance services identify these issues ahead of time to prevent additional costs and false alarms.

Recommended service inspection

Three Year Inspection

  • Dry system full-flow trip, conducted through the inspector’s test valve, with the control valve open
  • Dry system air leakage

Five year Inspection

  • Sprinklers – extra-high temperature/corrosive atmosphere
  • Standpipe – full-flow test from a remote point
  • Manual/dry standpipes – hydrostatic test
  • Full-flow hose connection – pressure-reducing valves
  • Hydrostatic – Siamese connections (every three years in some locations)