Did you know that 13% of fires reported across Canada occur in the workplace?

Fire poses a great danger as it can lead to injuries, loss of life, and extensive property damage. So what can you do to increase fire safety at work for your employees and building occupants?

We talk a lot about the necessity of installing fire systems such as sprinklers, fire alarms, and fire suppressant devices like fire extinguishers; but there’s one area of fire protection that’s often overlooked by many companies – hiring a competent fire protection company.

That’s why in this post, we’re going to give you reasons why you should partner up with an experienced fire protection agency like Nutech Fire Prevention.

Reason #1 Cut back on multiple vendors

Whether you’re the property manager or building owner, one thing is certain – you’d like to keep the property management costs low. 

Well, hiring a fire protection company is a great way to minimize fire safety charges. How so? 

A full-service fire protection company like Nutech Fire Prevention is able to provide you with a comprehensive one-stop all-inclusive fire protection service that includes:

  • Fire alarm system installation and management
  • Emergency lighting and exit lighting installation and management
  • Fire extinguisher and fire hose installation and management
  • Fire safety plan development
  • Gas detection installation and calibration

Reason #2 Professionally installed systems contribute to building safety

Fire alarms, fire sprinklers, and carbon monoxide detectors should all be installed by qualified and licensed professionals from reputable fire protection companies. 

Because of the pivotal role each of these elements plays in keeping commercial buildings, industrial spaces, and residential homes and apartments safe, you cannot afford to have inexperienced teams handle this core fire safety aspect.

Reason #3 Enjoy reduced insurance premiums

Property insurance can be quite costly. An excellent way to lower property insurance costs and premiums is by hiring a fire protection company.

Why is this? Well, simply because prior to approving you for an insurance premium, insurers want to see that you’ve done everything according to the Fire Code and law. 

They will check that you’ve got a fire safety plan for example and have the necessary fire systems like sprinklers and smoke detectors.

Having these basics in place gives you leverage to negotiate lower premiums.

Reason #4 Quicker emergency response times

Experienced fire protection companies bring with them a sense of urgency when responding to calls. That’s not all. They bring their expertise, knowledge, skills and resources as well. 

You want a reliable fire specialist team when you’ve got an emergency on your hands, not a group of inexperienced and unskilled rookies.

Reason #5 Development of custom fire safety plans

Every building needs its own custom fire safety plan. 

Fire safety plans are developed by fire protection company technicians who consider the unique aspects of your building. These plans include:

  • Detailed procedures of the best egress mean for building occupants
  • Maintenance schedules for fire suppressant systems
  • Building-specific fire prevention best practices  

As a business in Ontario, you’re required by law – as laid down in the Ontario Fire Code – to have a fire safety plan. And speaking of codes…

Reason #6 Ensure your building is compliant

All residential, commercial, hospitality, and retail property in Hamilton is supposed to be designed and built according to provincial building regulations. Within these regulations are safety standards that have to be adhered to.

Most building owners aren’t familiar with these standards as they differ according to building use and the type of business you operate. 

Fortunately, fire protection companies are well-versed with these safety standards – especially those governing fire safety – and can therefore help you stay on the right side of the law where fire safety is concerned.

Reason #7 Your business reputation and credibility

Businesses spend thousands (sometimes millions) of dollars every year on marketing. That’s because you’re trying to establish trust, and improve brand awareness and engagement with your target client.

If this is your goal, and you’re truly serious about being seen as a credible brand, then you should be willing to protect your name at all costs.

Hiring a fire protection company demonstrates to your employees and your clientele that you take workplace safety as a grave issue and you’re ready to protect them.

Reason #8 Your peace of mind

How many building occupants do you have? That’s the number of lives in your care every single moment that they are at work on your premises.

When working with a fire protection company to help secure your property, you’ll enjoy peace of mind knowing you’ve done everything above board to ensure a safe working environment.

Professional fire specialists will inspect fire systems, conduct routine maintenance, and keep fire detection and suppression devices working as they should. 

Reason #9 Tap into experience and expertise

Fire protection companies work with a vast range of clients in differing industries and sectors. From residential to commercial, you’ll have access to skilled, knowledgeable, and highly experienced fire professionals to consult with.

Not only that, but they can quickly highlight your building fire hazards so these can be rectified before a catastrophic fire happens. Their constant surveillance and system monitoring can easily detect malfunctioning hardware so it is promptly replaced by fully-functional devices.

Get the help you need today

Hiring a competent fire protection company like Nutech Fire Prevention is an investment that pays itself in your peace of mind (and that of building occupants), improved fire safety at work, and compliance with provincial building and fire laws.

At Nutech, we offer comprehensive fire protection services across Hamilton. Our years of experience serving residential and commercial clients means we’ve got a unique fire protection skillset we bring to the table.

That’s not all as we also have a line of emergency backup generators, fire alarm systems, fire warning systems, fire extinguishers, emergency lighting, exit lighting, fire safety plans, sprinkler systems, and gas detection services.

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