Are you preparing for your monthly or annual fire inspection and need tips on finding a qualified fire inspector?

We get asked this question a lot. And it follows that with something as important as a fire inspection, you’d want to work with the very best professionals.

Finding the right fire inspector doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, in this post, we’re going to break down the process into a couple of easy steps.

But first, what exactly is a fire inspector anyway?

What is a Fire Inspector?

Fire inspectors in Ontario also known as fire prevention inspectors help to enforce fire safety legislation – namely the Ontario Fire Code.

Some of their key responsibilities include:

·      Inspecting properties, buildings, and sites for fire hazards, fire prevention systems, and safety plans

·         Inspecting combustible liquids and hazardous storage practices

·      Assessing building plans for new construction projects and ensuring they meet local fire codes

·     Conducting fire inspections according to the regulations established in the Fire Protection and Prevention Act

·      Providing educational workplace fire prevention and safety demonstrations and programs when required

Fire inspectors perform all their delegated duties on behalf of the Chief Fire Official. 

Now with that out of the way, here are 8 tips that will help you find a seasoned and qualified fire inspector.

Top 8 Tips to Find a Qualified Fire Inspector

Tip 1 Ask for Proof of Certification and Licenses

Always ask for proof of certification and or necessary licenses when looking for a professional fire inspector to conduct an on-site fire inspection.

A certified fire inspector is one who is competent and has the necessary knowledge and skills to conduct fire inspections as well as provide assistance with code-related problems.

Such an inspector will know how to meet the standards set forth in the Fire Protection and Prevention Act. Furthermore, licensed inspectors should be able to demonstrate adequate professional expertise. 

Tip 2 Get Leads from Insurance Companies

Insurance companies generally have a few good fire inspector leads on hand that they can pass on to you.

Prior to underwriting policies for building owners, insurers often engage third-party fire inspectors to carry out a thorough building risk assessment.

Therefore, a sure-fire way to get a list of reputable qualified fire inspectors is to simply call a few insurers and ask for their recommended fire inspectors.

Once you have a few names you can then follow up on each lead.

Tip 3 Contact Local Risk Assessment Firms

Corporate management and insurers often hire risk assessment firms to ascertain risk levels before they make investment decisions. These risk assessment firms have their own qualified fire inspectors on their teams.

You can be assured that these fire inspectors are not only qualified but experienced and expert in their field. With their work consisting of assessing residential and commercial buildings, you can count on their experience when it comes to your own fire inspection.

Tip 4 Get in Touch With the Local Fire Department

The local fire department and or provincial fire marshal’s office is another good source to find a qualified fire inspector. These inspectors are most assuredly qualified to perform comprehensive fire, fire sprinkler and fire hazard inspections.

So whether it’s just an inspector to conduct pressure and flow testing or you need an inspector for a full-on fire inspection service, these resources will be able to point you to certified and qualified inspectors.

Tip 5 Inquire With Fire Safety System Suppliers

Suppliers of fire safety systems and supplies are another excellent resource you could turn to for advice regarding qualified fire inspectors.

Not only can these vendors point you to good inspectors, but they can also provide insight into what to expect when working with the individuals they recommend.

Tip 6 Read Online Review Sites

Today, 93% of people will first read online reviews before engaging a fire inspector. The top sites that consumers look up to read such reviews are:

·         Google My Business,

·         Yahoo,

·         Better Business Bureau,

·         Yellow Pages,

·         Trustpilot and,

·         Yelp

By taking time to consult reviews from such sites, you’ll be able to learn what others have to say about various fire inspectors before you make a decision to hire them.

Tip 7 Look for Familiarity with Fire Codes

How well does your fire inspector know the local fire codes – both the provincial Fire Code and National Fire Code of Canada? How familiar are they with the mandates issued by the Canadian Fire Safety Association (CFSA)?

Being well-versed in these regulations and understanding the intricacies surrounding the codes is not a desirable requirement in a fire inspector – it is a mandatory quality. A good fire inspector is one who takes safety seriously and promotes total code compliance.

Tip 8 Approach Your Local Chamber of Commerce

Chambers of commerce are designed in such a way as to foster and promote local businesses. It’s also a sure place to find qualified fire inspectors.

You don’t even have to visit in person to get the answers you want. You can simply call or email your local chamber of commerce asking for a list of certified fire inspectors in your area.

From here you can then review and narrow down the list and then book an appointment with the inspector who best fits what you’re looking for.


Finding a suitably qualified fire inspector to carry out a fire inspection does require you to put in some effort.

However, being armed with some knowledge about what to look for will go a long way in your inspector-finding endeavours.

Follow these 8 tips and you’ll be amazed at how much easier finding the right fire inspector becomes.

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