Safe workplaces are mandated by Canadian law. Business owners, therefore, have a responsibility to ensure that their employees know and follow established safety norms regulated by the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety (CCOHS).

One area that deserves attention is fire training. With nearly 50 fires reported in St. Albert in 2021 (two of those being commercial industrial fires), it’s evident that fire risk is real and employees must receive at the very least some sort of basic fire training.

This article explains what fire safety training is, why it is important and provides you with a list of the top fire safety training courses for Canadian businesses.

Let’s dive in!

What is Fire Safety Training?

Fire safety training, often interchanged with fire training awareness is a form of instruction designed to help impart knowledge on fire prevention; fire systems that can control fires in the event of an incident, and fire suppression methods used to extinguish smaller fires (including fire extinguisher tips).

Participants are informed of the nature of fires, the different causes of fire, the behaviour of fires and the best fire safety management practices to follow.

In a nutshell, there are three elements every attendee of a fire safety training course should be able to explain after assisting the class:

·         What is fire prevention?

·         What is fire protection?

·         What is fire suppression?

5 Reasons Fire Training is Important

What is the importance of fire safety training? Here are 5 reasons we believe fire training isn’t just important but vital for your day-to-day operations.

Reason 1: Fire training teaches employees how to act

Knowing what to do if a fire breaks out can be the difference between making it out alive and becoming a statistic. This knowledge isn’t inherent or always common sense hence the need to teach it. There is a protocol that must be followed and respected, and it’s through fire training that it is brought to the attention of employees.

Reason 2: Employee fire training is required by law

Not only is training your employees in fire safety the right thing to do but it is also mandated by law. According to the Canada Occupational Health and Safety Regulations (COHS), paragraph 17.6(1)(b), employers have an obligation to instruct and train their employees regarding the use, storage, and operation of fire protection equipment and on fire safety protocols.  

Reason 3: Fire training helps employees understand fire behaviour

What is the science of fire? What are the elements required for a fire to start? What feeds and fuels fire? How can you suppress a fire? How does fire behave? All this and more is explained in great detail during fire training for employees so they understand and can appreciate the dangers of fires, even the seemingly small ones.

Reason 4: Fire training equips employees with egress routes

Every employee should know the various ways to exit a building should a fire break out. During fire training, employees will be helped in identifying the closest exits from their workstations and how to navigate their way to the assembly point. They will be taught practical issues like how to follow emergency lighting and avoid the elevators.

Reason 5: Fire training helps employees keep each other in check

After fire training, employees have a better appreciation of fire hazards and the importance of making sure everyone adheres to the established protocols. For example, employees will avoid things such as having cables running on the ground underneath carpets; they will keep an eye out for frayed wires; will pay attention to those smoking in non-smoking sections of the building. All of this will go a long way in fostering a better and safer work environment.

Now that we know what fire safety training is and just how important it is, where can you find a fire training course?

Ontario’s Top Fire Safety Training Course Provider

Where can businesses go to find fire safety trainers? There is no shortage of licensed fire safety companies in Ontario that can provide the necessary training.

Nutech Fire Prevention has been providing fire training to residents and businesses of Ontario for many years now and is a trusted service provider committed to tailored, in-depth, and practical fire safety training.

Fire safety training courses can be further broken down into respective units. Available courses for employees include:

·         Fire prevention courses

·         Fire protection courses

·         Fire suppression courses 

·         First Aid courses

·         Fire prevention plan courses

·         Egress courses

Please note, however, that according to the Government website, employers need to consult with the Health and Safety Commission (HSC) before hiring any fire personnel who will provide the required internal fire safety training. 

What’s Typically Included in a Fire Training Course?

The typical fire training course will give attendees grounding on what fire is. Next, will be the identification of the common fire hazards in the workplace. This is customized for each specific business.

The trainers will make sure to discuss the behaviour characteristics of fire and the main causes of fire-related deaths and injuries.

Who can take this course?

Fire safety training courses can be taken by all employees in order to raise the general level of workplace fire awareness.

Wrap Up

When it comes to fire prevention for work, nothing tops fire safety training. Not only is fire training an effective way of raising overall fire awareness in the workplace but it’s an excellent team-building activity.

By going through the course, employees know how to conduct fire safety risk assessments as well as easily identify potential fire hazards and respond to fires.

If you’re looking for a certified fire specialist in Ontario to provide fire training for your business, look no further than Nutech Fire Prevention.

We also offer a comprehensive line of emergency backup generators, fire alarm systems, fire warning systems, fire extinguishers, emergency lighting, exit lighting, sprinkler systems, and gas detection services.

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